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One of my favorite things about jiujitsu is getting to promote people.

For those that don’t know, there are 5 adult belts in jiujitsu and it takes roughly 10-15 years to achieve black belt. You will spend years at a given rank as you go through your own personal development. There are many ups and downs on this journey but those resilient enough to overcome those challenges are given something that cannot be taken away. The skills, the relationships you build, the good times and bad all shape who we become as black belts.

Congratulations to Eric on your blue belt. Eric is a father of 3 and has many roles and responsibilities outside the dojo but makes an effort to attend class 3+ times per week.

A special congratulations to coach Phil who assists with the kids classes on earning your purple belt. Phil was one of our original jiujitsu students when we first started our program. Life gets in the way, but he has returned this year and put forth incredible effort and dedication to his training. Also a father of 3, he juggles responsibilities outside the dojo but manages to be on the mat almost every class.

As instructors we want to see all of our students succeed. Sometimes more than they do. It’s our job to open the door but they take the effort to walk through.

The journey never ends!