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Last weekend, participants from around the country gathered for a Yamanni-ryu instructor training with Shihan Nishime. Weapons training is both a way to learn and preserve a beautiful traditional art and an excellent way to learn and understand body mechanics. Shihan is one of the top instructors of Yamanni-ryu in the world. During the same weekend, BJJ students rolled and drilled in the next room, under the direction of Jason Nishime, a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Shawn Hammonds.

Traditional and modern. Old and new. Yin and Yang. What it all has in common is passion for martial arts taught by highly qualified instructors.

Whether you are looking for traditional Okinawan karate or weapons or modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Cincinnati, Ohio and Florence, Kentucky, you can find it at Nishime Martial Arts.