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Yamanni-ryu is the study of ancient Okinawan weaponry. While there are practical applications for the bo, our weapon program caters primarily to the martial arts practitioner who wants to connect with the history and art of traditional Okinawan kobudo.

In the video below, Shihan Nishime begins to demonstrate a bo kata at the 1998 AAU Nationals but halfway through snaps his bo in half. It wasn’t the first time that happened. He used to break break his bo regularly during practice. When he proudly showed his teacher this accomplishment, his sensei laughed at him and said, “Why would you want to break your own weapon?”

The crowd was pretty excited, but you can see by his reaction that he was less enthusiastic about it.

Interested in learning Yamanni-ryu? We have a workshop at our Cincinnati location on Saturday, October 21 where we we will cover the Bo, Sai, Kumibo, and Nunchaku or Tonfa. Get more details here: https://fb.me/e/4lVTgG0Bz